Cheap Europe Travel Guide

You might worry that the failing economy and the euro that drop might affect your travelling plans and European vacations, however with this guide you can still make plans to travel Europe without breaking your budget. Even though you could opt for hitchhiking too, which is commonly done throughout Europe you might worry about safety, thus a few options below you would find helpful, especially when you plan in advance.


Using Megabus around the United Kingdom with tickets that will cost as little as one GPS you can travel Wales, Scotland and England. Aside from the United Kingdom it also runs to destinations like Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris with incredibly low fares.


Busabout is commonly used by backpackers and if you are unfamiliar with it, you will find it similar to the New Zealand or Australian service, Kiwi or Oz Experience. The Busabout runs past designated routes and cities and you can hop on and off using a pass that will allow you flexibility as they make use of flex-pass ticketing systems.

Budget airlines

Getting around using budget airlines like Vueling, Ryanair, EasyJet and Transvania you will get incredibly low fares. If you intend to travel Europe be sure to look for their regular specials and monthly deals too.


You will find that buses are cheaper to use that trains in Europe such as Eurolines, which is an international long distance bus service. Even though it is cramped and rather uncomfortable when compared to train compartments you will save a lot of money.

Rail Pass

When travelling often and vast distances throughout the year the best suggestions is a rail pass instead of continuous individual tickets from different stations in different countries.


A great methods that rises in popularity is BlaBlaCar, which is used throughout Europe. It is a website service one of many that allows for you to register and use ridesharing and you can ride with others going in your direction at incredibly low and often free riding.

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