Top Regions in Different Countries to Visit

Malaysia, Perak

Visiting Malaysia you simply have to add Perak with its capital Ipoh to your itinerary. This region is paradise of sunbathers, shoppers and a vibrant air surrounding the region. Excellent shopping, top eateries like Bits and Bobs as well as Burps and Giggles while the famous hotel Sekeping Hong Kong are also here.

USA, Coastal Georgia

Georgia has one of the greatest coastal regions that include wilderness covered islands, historic treasures and quirky towns to enthrall. It is lovely enough that the movie, Baywatch 2017 remake will be filmed in the region.

French Polynesia, Tuamotus

If you are looking for a diving spot as well as gorgeous coral, glinting lagoon ruffled coconut trees and sandbars you need to go to this region.

Chile, Aysen

Aysen offers visitors a scenic kaleidoscopic journey of foggy fjords, powder blue lagoons, bone dry pampas and brooding rain forests. The third largest freshwater reserve in the world, the Patagonian Ice Field is also here and a true wonder to explore.

South Australia

When you visit Southern Australia you will notice hot temperatures, but also be offered picturesque outback, abundant produce festivals, and brilliant wines.

UK, North Wales

The best region in UK to visit or should not be missed is North Wales. Here you can ride the longest waves, which incidentally are manmade in the entire world. It also has the longest zip line in Europe as well as the world’s fastest as well as giant trampolines which make it an adrenalin junkie’s prime destination.

Portugal, the Azores

In the Azores region which is accessible from both Europe and North America with an outstanding blend of Iberian culture and beautiful nature. Hawaiian volcanoes, Scandinavian hot springs, medieval Portuguese villages Patagonian craters and Irish cliffs you have a combined world in one region.

New Zealand, Taranaki

The country’s finest day-long walk is in this region, which is the Tongariro Alpine crossing which is magnificent with its location in the Egmont National Park.