Top Beaches You Should Add To Your Travel Itinerary

How do you narrow down the beast beaches in the world when beach holidays are what you are after? It is incredibly difficult when you take a closer look at what our amazing world has to offer from the southern hemisphere to North America which flanks Pacific and Atlantic coasts with an abundance of beaches. Even so will you find that certain ones simply stand out as being more memorable, more gorgeous and offering outstanding photographic opportunities while others are even famous too. Look at what we regard as the best beaches in the world and true paradise on earth.

Cape Town, South Africa – Camps Bay Beach

Seven minutes outside Cape Town with an outstanding backdrop of mountains you get the gorgeous Camps Bay Beach. It offers amazing views splendid promenade with numerous bars and restaurants and top place for hanging out, swimming, shopping and surfing.

Galapagos, Ecuador – Tortuga Bay Beach

Here the photo opportunities are outstanding while you can witness first hand frigate bird, blue-footed boobies, bright red crabs, sea turtles, sea lions and marine iguanas. It offers pristine untouched beaches along beautiful azure waters even though you will have to walk more than a mile to reach this glorious stretch of beach.

Santa Monica, California – Santa Monica Beach

West of Los Angeles is the beautiful Santa Monica Beach stretching just over eight miles of vibrant coastline and a top entertainment spot.

Seychelles – Anse Source d’Argent

This beach in Seychelles has the most amazing sunsets with granite boulders, swaying palms and snow white sand and the lapping water.

Sydney, Australia – Bondi beach

Six miles from the business district the Sydney locals have a paradise along the half miles of beach that offers scenic coastal walks, plenty bars and cafes and also pools lining the beach.

Crete, Greece – Elafonissi Beach

A natural wonder to say the least that is what you should use when describing this aquamarine lagoon along Elafonissi beach.

Tulum, Mexico – Beach Below the Ruins

The 13th century Mayan ruins are what attracts millions of tourists each year. To explore an ancient city with perfectly preserved structures while cooling off or wandering the Castillo fortress are what makes this a glorious beach and one of the world’s best.

Anguilla – Shoal Bay Beach

When you describe the beaches of Anguilla, you should actually list all of them here, however singling one out even tough difficult it has to be Shoal Bay which is a two-mile stretch of splendid views, turquoise seas, and outstanding restaurants and bars lining the beach.

Miami, Florida – South Beach

Aquamarine water dazzling white sand and a continuous line of top entertaining places and bars, restaurants and beautiful people is why this beach remains incredibly popular and also incredibly beautiful.

Koh Phi Phi Leh, Thailand – Maya Bay Beach

When Leonardo di Caprio made his 2000 hit, The Beach you must have seen the glorious shoreline and wondered where it was, well this is the Maya Bay Beach.

Queensland Australia – Whitehaven Beach

A 4 and a half mile gloriously white sanded beach where Oprah Winfrey had her beach barbeque with Chef Curtis Stone. This breathtaking beach can only be assessed by helicopter, seaplane or boat but well worth the visit.

St. John US – Trunk Bay Beach

For the best snorkeling experience in the world you should go to this magical wonder world. Coconut palm lined beach as well as 225 yards of tropical snorkeling it is a highly photographed beach.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Ipanema Beach

Breathtakingly beautiful with pale golden sand and captivating blue water and a place where you keep your wallets and cameras close to you despite the beauty it is a place known for thieves.

Bermuda – Horseshoe Bay Beach

It is scenic with pale pink sand and great port, loads of visitors and one of the world’s most attractive.